North Carolina Thomasville Railroad Webcam

North Carolina Thomasville Railroad

Located at Thomasville in Davidson County, the Thomasville Railroad Passenger Depot is one of the oldest remaining train stations in North Carolina.

Interesting Facts About North Carolina Thomasville Railroad

• The Thomasville Railroad depot was first built somewhere between 1870 and 1871.

• Up until 1912 the depot functioned primarily as a passenger train station for the Richmond and Danville Railroad then later the Southern Railway.

• To facilitate the increase in passenger traffic a new brick depot was constructed and relocated to the northern segment as an office used by freight agents. Eventually the structure was donated to the town by Southern Railway.

• In 1962 the Thomasville Historical Society obtained $5,000 in donations for restoration of the structure.

• During the late 1990s the depot was further renovated before housing the Thomasville Visitors Center in 2000.

• Due to it’s distinct heritage and volume of trains passing through, Thomasville is recognized as one of the must see locations for railroad enthusiasts visiting and living in North Carolina.

• The passenger depot close to the tracks has been remodeled to the Visitors Center featuring Advanced Train Control showing train location, several restaurants, restrooms as well as a band stand and viewing area for photographing passing trains.

• Thomasville plays host to an annual Rail Fan Day in October and participated by both Norfolk and Amtrak.

North Carolina Thomasville RailCams

Courtesy of Virtual Railfan, LLC and Thomasville the North Carolina Thomasville RailCams features live video of more than 40 trains daily and shows both Amtrak and Norfolk and Southern freight trains from the historic depot in Thomasville.

View North Carolina Thomasville RailCam.