Boone & Scenic Valley Railroad Webcam

Located just one block from the Union Pacific mainline, Boone and Scenic Valley Railroad, BSVY in Boone County, Iowa is a preserved railway line used to illustrate the historic period of the railway system in Boone County.

Interesting Facts About Boone & Scenic Valley Railroad

• Boone & Scenic Valley Railroad first began by several volunteers to preserve scenic area of the historic Fort Dodge, Des Moines and Southern Railroad originally built in the 1890s.

• First electrified in 1907 and following the subsequent damage of the power plant in 1954 by flooding the railroad began using diesel equipment to power it’s trains.

• The Chicago & North Western Transportation Company in 1968 shortly after purchasing the Fort Dodge, Des Moines and Southern Railway started abandoning specific sections of the railroad.

• During the 1980s the railroad purchased one of China’s latest 2-8-2 Mikado steam locomotives at a cost of $335,000. Today the locomotive powers the James H. Andrew Railroad Museum 1920’s tour trains.

• In 2002, Union Pacific Railroad gave the railroad 1.7 miles of the last remaining right-of-way from the Fort Dodge, Des Moines and Southern Railway allowing the Boone & Scenic Valley Railroad the means to provide freight service using it’s numerous locomotives and cars.

• In 2002 the Boone & Scenic Valley Railroad also purchased and renovated an EMD FP9. Originally a Via Rail passenger locomotive the train today provides power to the railroad’s dinner train.

• Since it’s founding the railroad has been vastly developed today including a ticket office building with considerable parking, as well as a 900 square foot Railroad Museum and History Center featuring a research library, theatre and displays of historic memorabilia from railroading in Iowa.

• Boone & Scenic Valley Railroad additionally offers a short trolley ride as well as recently begun light freight switching at Boone industries.

Boone & Scenic Valley Railroad Railcam

View live Boone & Scenic Valley Railroad Railcam of the steam and diesel tourist trains at Boone, Iowa’s Boone & Scenic Valley Railroad.