Train Webcams

Live Cameras of Active Railroad Locations

A general form of rail transportation composed of a series of vehicles running along a rail track, trains are often used to transport passengers as well as cargo. In addition to the traditional railway trains another form of railway transportation used today is the Maglev. Derived from magnetic levitation Maglev uses the technology of magnetic levitation to carry the train wheels via magnets rather than the traditional wheels, bearings and axles by levitating the train a short distance away from the railroad guide.

Most trains are powered by a separate locomotive or individual motors in a self-propelled train rail-car capable of connecting with similar type carriages while still being fully operated from one driving cab. And although steam propulsion was primarily used throughout railway history, the most common forms of motive power today is electric via additional rails and overhead wires and diesel fuel. Additional forms of motive power previously used throughout railway history include gravity, horses, gas turbines, batteries and pneumatics. Many of the train tracks today in a more modernized effort can often be seen comprising of two to five rails with a just a few number of maglev and monorails.

Facts About Trains

  • The word train was derived from the Old French word “trahiner”, borrowed from the Latin term trahere which means to pull or draw.
  • Different types of trains are designed for specific purposes. Some trains will consist of a collection of one of more locomotives joined to railroad cars, or a self-propelled single or jointed powered coach often referred to as a rail car.
  • Historically the first trains were motive powered by using horses to pull the trains via ropes as well as gravity powered. Steam powered locomotives were not developed until the early part of the 19th And since the 1910’s were aptly replaced by electric and diesel locomotives which were found although more complex and expensive, nonetheless to be less labor – intensive and cleaner. During the same period self – propelled train carriages or multiple units using both electric and diesel fuel were adopted as a commonly used motive power for passenger trains.
  • Passenger trains are trains consisting of passenger-carrying cars which are often seen as quite long and are known for moving very fast. The high-speed rail is one of the more notable and and fast growing types of long-distance trains. To accomplish faster train speeds of over 300 miles per hour, researchers for a number of years have been taking a more progressive approach to Maglev technology. Throughout the Far East and most European regions and many other parts of the world today high – speed rail is widely used as the primary means of passenger travel.
  • Light rail is often used to describe a modern – day tram system. However the term can also be used when referring to an intermediate form between a train and tram which is similar to a subway but consisting of high level crossings.
  • Freight trains used as a general form of transportation for goods and are commonly referred to as goods trains. Freight trains are known to use freight cars sometimes called trucks or wagons as a means to transport their cargo contrary to the carriages used by passenger trains. In fact, any train which is not used for the purpose of transporting passengers is ideally referred to as a freight train. Nonetheless there have been some mail and parcel trains which are on the surface will appear more like passenger trains. Especially those which are Traveling Post Offices. Having said that some trains are known as consisting of both passenger carriages as well as trucks or wagons. Such trains are often used in areas where services are infrequent and where the cost of running separate freight and passenger trains would be quite expensive.
  • Within the United Kingdom trains which are seen hauled by two locomotives is generally described as “double – headed”. In canada and the United States however, is is customary for a long – freight train carrying goods and material to be headed by as much as up to three locomotives.
  • A train seen with a locomotive joined at each end is labeled as “top and tailed”. Trains are frequently “top and tailed” whenever reserved facilities are limited.
  • Occasionally attaching a second locomotive to a train to temporarily is done to assist in moving the train up a steep grade or bank, or as a means of additional braking when descending. This practice is known throughout the United Kingdom as banking and described in the United States as providing a “helper service”. The United States in recent times have included one of more locomotives at the rear or in the middle of many of their loaded trains and operated remotely from the leading cab. This is normally referred to as “Distributed Power” or commonly just “DP”.

Railway Cams

The Bailey Yard Railcam

This live video stream is taken from North Platte, Nebraska in the United States and one of the largest railroad classification yards in the world from a web cam positioned on top of the Union Pacific’s Garden Spike Tower.

View The Bailey Yard Railcam.

The Chama Yard Railcam

The Chama railway yard offers online viewers a first hand look taken from two webcams showing the beautifully staged Cumbres & Toltec Railroad in Chama, New Mexico. The south web cam from left to right shows from the Engine House to the train Depot while the North web cam left to right shows from the Bunk House to the Engine House Lead.

Click on the link below to see trains departing daily at 10:00a.m and returning at about 4:30pm Mountain Standard Time.

View The Chama Yard Railcam

Chesterton Railroad Web cams

The Chesterton East Railroad west Web cam taken from the Norfolk Southern mainline at Chesterton, Indiana. The camera providing the livestream is supported by RailStream and Riley’s Railhouse and is located at MP CD 418.2 NS Chicago Line – Dearborn Division.

Click on the link below and you’ll be able to experience some of the most exiting rail – activity offered in the Midwest.

View Chesterton Railroad Web cams

Cresson Railroad Web cam

The Cresson Railroad Web cam in Pennsylvania is provided in the link below is hosted by RailStream ans is located on the NS Pittsburg Line – Pittsburg Division at MP 251.2.

View Cresson Railroad Web cam.

Here you can watch trains all around the world on webcams located at the train stations and sometimes even looking out from the engines. Train types include freight, subways, high speed rail, street cars and more.

Train webcam in Switzerland

This passenger train webcam is located in Switzerland and gives you a view from the engine looking out the windshield.

View Live Webcam: Train webcam in Switzerland

Train Webcam in Germany

This train rail cam is located in Plattling, Germany and features a view of several train tracks. Webcam image updates every second.

View Live Webcam: Train Webcam in Germany

Austin Texas Steam Train Webcam

Live webcam at the Austin Steam Train Association in Texas. This is a Live view – AXIS 211 Network Camera.

View Live Webcam: Austin Texas Steam Train Webcam

Centerville Railroad Train Station Webcam

This train cam gives a live view of a railroad station in Fremont, California. Watch trains going by, see people waiting for trains and more. Image updates every few seconds.

View Live Webcam: Centerville Railroad Train Station Webcam

Railroad Webcams

This site has several different webcams that give views of railroads located in California, Oregon and Pennsylvania. Includes archived images and video.

View Live Webcam: Railroad Webcams

NJ Hi-Railers Train Club Webcams

This cam lets you see a large, professionally built model train set complete with scenery, miniatures, landscape and more. The site has a whopping 7 different webcams to view the model train track and see a table area where people socialize. sure on that. Some webcams have PTZ capabilities and have streaming video.

View Live Webcam: NJ Hi-Railers Train Club Webcams

Big Rig Travels Truck Driving Cam

Ever wanted to know what it was like to be a truck driver? Watch from the view of the dashboard as a truck driver travels across America. Includes a map of his current route and location.

View Live Webcam: Big Rig Travels Truck Driving Cam

Park Train Webcam

Webcam gives a view of a cute little train at an amusement park in Plochingen, Germany.

View Live Webcam: Park Train Webcam

Railroad Webcams in La Plata MO

This site has several different train webcams located in La Plata, Missouri and other locations. See trains going by at various train stations and watch people waiting for trains.

View Live Webcam: Railroad Webcams in La Plata MO