Switzerland Webcams

Except for a short time of occupation when Napoleon ruled France, Switzerland has been an independent country since 1499. It has been a neutral place when Europe saw conflict, providing over 200 years of neutrality. Four official languages are currently spoken there: Italian, French, Romansh, and Swiss German.

About eight million people live in Switzerland. The country has 6% of the freshwater reserves that Europe enjoys with its 1,500 lakes. Three of the cities regularly rank in the top 10 places to live in the world.

Although Switzerland is famous for its lakes and independence, the mountains that run through its borders get all of the attention. The Alps create 208 summits above 3,000 meters. The Matterhorn is the most famous one, standing at 4,478 meters.

The country is famous for its production of luxury watches, chocolate, and cheese. Swiss guards are also responsible for protecting the Vatican.

These Switzerland webcams are located in various towns and cities throughout the country.

Bachtel Kulm Webcam in Switzerland

This webcam gives you a view from Bachtel Kulm restaurant in Wernetshausen, Switzerland. It is located Zurich Oberland in Hinwil, Ruti and forest. It gives a nice view of the village below and mountains on the horizon.

View Live Webcam: Bachtel Kulm Webcam in Switzerland

Axis 206M Network Camera

AXIS 206M Netzwerkkamera webcam located in Lyss Bielstrasse Switzerland. Gives a close up view of a street corner and shop. Watch cars driving by and see a wonderful street light at night.

View Live Webcam: Axis 206M Network Camera

Gestocigars in Geneva Switzerland

This webcam is located at Gestocigars SA in Geneva, Switzerland. It updates every second and shows a view of the street below from the viewpoint of the cigar shop window in Centre ville de Geneve, Suisse.

View Live Webcam: Gestocigars in Geneva Switzerland

Zurich Switzerland Webcams

This site has two different webcams of Zurich, Switzerland. Both cams can be remotely controlled so you can pan, tilt and zoom. Beautiful panoromic views with streaming video.

View Live Webcam: Zurich Switzerland Webcams

Hotel Hof Post Webcam

This webcam comes from Hotel Hof Post in Switzerland. Gives a view from the rooftop of the village below with beautiful mountains on the horizon. There are three cams total. Two others show the streets in front and Blick Richtung Grimselpass.

View Live Webcam: Hotel Hof Post Webcam

Subaru Dealer in Urnasch Switzerland

This webcam appears to be at a Subaru car dealership in Urnasch, Switzerland. You can see the Swiss Alps in the background.

View Live Webcam: Subaru Dealer in Urnasch Switzerland

Zermatt Matterhorn Switzerland Webcams

This site has several different webcam views of Zermatt Matterhorn in the Swiss Alps, Switzerland. See current snow and weather conditions, people skiing and more.

View Live Webcam: Zermatt Matterhorn Switzerland Webcams

Windmill Cam in Switzerland

This is a Mobotix M22 webcam located in Switzerland that gives a view of a windmill wind generator. Image updates every second.

View Live Webcam: Windmill Cam in Switzerland

Lachen Switzerland Webcam

View of Lachen, Switzerland from the Novasina company headquarters. Gives a view of the town, mountain on the horizon and a bay.

View Live Webcam: Lachen Switzerland Webcam