Norway Webcams

Did you know that the longest tunnel in the world is in Norway? It is a 15-mile stretch between the villages of Aurland and Laerdal that cost about $113 million to build. Lighting varies throughout the journey, providing aesthetic appeal to keep the attention of the driver on the road.

With only a few exceptions, the Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded in Oslo since 1901. The other awards get handed out in Stockholm. This fact is due to the wishes of Alfred Nobel, a chemist who used his wealth to start this recognition.

The most remote island in the world is also a Norwegian territory. Bouvet Island sits about 1,700 kilometers from Antarctica, 2,000 kilometers from Tristan da Cunha, and 2,600 kilometers from South Africa. No one lives there, but the country keeps an active weather station there.

The wealth and income of all residents in Norway is part of the public record. You can see who looked up their information while reducing the opportunities for tax evasion.

Watch live webcams located in the country of Norway. Popular locations you can view include Oslo, Trondheim, Skreia and many more.

Mehamn Norway Webcam

Live webcam located in Mehamn, Norway shows buildings and what looks like a pier by the bay. Camera updates every second. This is an AXIS 213 Network Camera.

View Live Webcam: Mehamn Norway Webcam

Recycling Center Webcam in Norway

I think this webcam is located at a recycling center somewhere in Norway. Sure does look kind of depressing!

View Live Webcam: Recycling Center Webcam in Norway

Svortland Bomlo Kommune Webcam

This webcam is located in Svortland, Norway and gives a view of Bomlo Kommune.

View Live Webcam: Svortland Bomlo Kommune Webcam

Hov Norway Webcam

Live webcam located in Hov, Norway shows traffic and pedestrians on this Axis 2120 Network Camera.

View Live Webcam: Hov Norway Webcam

Webcams in Norway

This is an excellent site which shows you many different webcams in Norway. They also provide an interactive map where you can find cams by geographic location.

View Live Webcam: Webcams in Norway