Big Island Beach Webcams

Unlike most of the traditional Hawaiian beach shores, the Big Island shoreline does not offer the conventional uninterrupted stretch of beach waterfront typically found on the other Hawaiian islands. Known as the youngest of the Hawaiian islands the Big Island stands at more than 800,000 years old consisting long aesthetic sandy beaches in-between a rugged volcanic shoreline composed mainly of hard black rock.

With the adequate transportation journeying to any of these exquisite beaches is a relatively easy task generally requiring the use of a motor car to access these areas unless staying at one of their deluxe hotels located within the Kohala neighborhood containing their own beaches. Although a few of these attractive waterfronts are reachable via a typical motorcar many will often require the use of a vehicle fitted with a 4-wheel drive to travel the full distance to the shoreline.

Recognizing the finest beaches on the Big Island is often subject to the preference of the individual as most people will typically refers a great beach as one found offering the visitor with the best swimming and boarding facilities whilst others will prefer the fine sand and warmth of the sun for sunbathing.

Facts about Big Island Beaches

  • Nearly all of the prime beaches on the Big Island are located on the Western side of the island commonly referred to as the Kona side due to the sunny weather conditions generally found on the West side of the island.
  • The Kona coast today is known as the brightest location within the United States of America.
  • Hapuna Beach over half a mile long and more than two hundred feet at its widest point is world renown as the prodigious and most outstanding beach on the hawaiian Big Island nominated on several occasions by a number of popular travel guides and reality television shows as one of the foremost beaches within the United States.
  • Mauna Beach connected to the mauna Kea Hotel often referred to as Kaunaoa Beach is recognized as one of the largest and seldom crowded beaches on the Big Island today due to its unavailable parking area of 30 parking spaces generally requiring visitors to engage in a unfavorable walk or early visits to enjoy the lovely beach.
  • One of the more accessible black sand beaches to get to by the public is the Punalu’u beach located on the ester side of the southern tip of the island and although not found on the sunnier side of the Big Island or recommended swimming area the beach is renown for its freshwater pool and exiting place to check out sea turtles.

Big Island Beach Cam-The Kona Beach
This streaming beach cam from the Sheraton Kona Resort and Spa at Keauhou Bay offers viewers a live broadcast and commanding view via a tilt and zoom beach cam of the lush Kona coastline.

View Big Island Beach Cam-The Kona Beach webcam.

An additional beach cam is positioned on top of the Fish Hopper restaurant overlooking the beach on Ali’i Drive in Kailua-Kona

View Kailua-Kona webcam.