New Smyrna Beach Webcams

Located along the eastern coastline of the state of Florida, United States sits a city in Volusia County known as the New Smyrna Beach. The western side of the Indian River and Lagoon system is known for hosting the downtown area of the city with the Coronado Beach Bridge located south of the Ponce de Leon Inlet crossing the Intracoastal Waterway connecting the beach with the mainland along the coastal landform.

New Smyrna Beach today is known for its many outdoor sporting activities including, fishing, surfing, hiking, motor boating, sailing, kitesurfing along with several other forms of recreational opportunities allowing the beach to be ranked 9th among the “best surf towns” in the 2009 edition of the Surfer Magazine and 20th in the 2012 publication of the National Geographic Magazine.

Facts about New Smyrna Beach

▪  New Smyrna was first colonized in 1768 by Scottish physician Dr. Andrew Turnbull who founded the first colony of New Smyrna after recruiting over 1450 settlers from Greece, Italy and Minorca where they were then hired as laborers and servants used to harvest sugarcane, indigo and hemp as well as for the manufacture of alcohol.

▪  The motto of the New Smyrna Beach is “cygnus inter antes” which when translated from its Latin origin to English means “a swan among ducks.”

▪  According to the United States Census Bureau 2012 report the current population of the city of New Smyrna Beach was estimated to be at 22,900.

▪  The University of Florida in 2007 confirmed in their International Shark Attack report that residents in Volusia County experienced more shark bites than any other region across the world recognizing the county as the shark bite capital of the world.

▪  As home to the Atlantic Center for the Arts educational facility and artists-in residence community, New Smyrna Beach has been acknowledged as one of “America’s Top Small Cities for the Arts” hosting a variety of art shows held annually featuring both visual and performing presentations.

New Smyrna Beach Webcam

The New Smyrna Beach Webcam hosted by the Volusia County Florida website features a live video stream overlooking the New Smyrna Beach taken from the northern side of the Lifeguard Station close to the beach entrance on Flagler Avenue. Viewers by watching this live webcam can effectively plan their day at the beach by observing the current conditions prior to heading out.

View New Smyrna Beach Webcam.

New Smyrna Beach HD Cam & Surf via Surfline

Surfline/Wavetrack headquartered in Huntington Beach California is customarily noted for providing live information related to ocean and weather conditions and consultation to a variety of government agencies, businesses and individual customers across the globe.

Known for containing one of the largest live streaming coastal high definition webcam network Surfline’s New Smyrna Beach HD Cam allows viewers a live view of the current conditions of the New Smyrna Beach with a consistently updated weather report containing known temperatures and wind speeds.

View New Smyrna Beach HD Cam & Surf via Surfline webcam.

Beach Live New Smyrna Beach Beach Weather & Cam

Founded from the parent company Surfline/Wavetrack, Beachlive provides visitors to their website the option to view live video taken from a number of beaches worldwide by observing a number of weather conditions including how high the tides are, what the surf is like, how windy the day is, among a variety of other resources useful in effectively planning a holiday vacation or simple day at the local beach.

Viewers to their website can watch a live stream of the local beach conditions at the Florida based New Smyrna Beach via a live streaming webcam shown in the link below.

View Beach Live New Smyrna Beach Beach Weather & Cam.