Cat Webcams

House cats are one of the most popular pets in the world. Over 500 million of them live with humans at any given moment. Historical records from the earliest moments of civilization show that we’ve been sharing our homes with them.

Most cats sleep up to 14 hours per day as a way to conserve their energy. That’s why you can see bursts of movement when the twilight hours arrive. The cooler temperatures encourage movement and play.

Although we don’t see them as hunters, the typical house cat is proficient at hunting mice, rats, and birds. Their lethality comes from an ability to place their back feet in the almost exact location as their front paws.

Cats have a robust sense of smell and excellent hearing – especially if you rustle a bag of food! Most of them live with us for up to 15 years.

Watch live webcams of regular house cats from homes, pet shelters and other locations.


You may not always see one of the famous polydactyl cats at the Hemmingway Home in the Florida Keys but you can almost feel the warm breezes as people stroll through the cat camera’s view outside this famous home.

View Live Webcam: Our Live Cams – HEMINGWAY HOME & MUSEUM

Amsterdam Cat-Food Dish Webcam Page

Watch cute and cuddly cats Toby and Mickey from Scotland as they eat, play, and do things you wouldn’t expect! Sometimes they even bat the camera. How cute!

View Live Webcam: Amsterdam Cat-Food Dish Webcam Page

Jeffcam – Cat Cam, Cat Pictures, Cat Webcam – Manchester, UK

Watch Jeff, the chubby kitty, play, sleep, and be cute on this cat cam. Cam updates every 15 seconds or so, but you can also watch Jeff live.

View Live Webcam: Jeffcam – Cat Cam, Cat Pictures, Cat Webcam – Manchester, UK

Welcome to Kitty-Cam | Kitty-Cam

Watch Zoey, the beautiful Calico kitty, on this innovative kitty cam. Watch her while she is looking at birds right outside the bay window, or you can view her cuddled up in her warm cat bed.

View Live Webcam: Welcome to Kitty-Cam | Kitty-Cam

Skittles the Cat Webcam

View a webcam of Skittles the Cat and read her online diary, too!

View Live Webcam: Skittles the Cat Webcam

Nierott Castle Cat Cams

This is an impressive web site that has 8 different cat webcams at Nierott Castle in Germany. See cats up close, playing in the recreation room or purrhaps outside. Some cams even have remote controls so you can pan tilt and zoom around.

View Live Webcam: Nierott Castle Cat Cams

NOAH Animal Adoption Center Cat Cam

This webcam comes from the N.O.A.H Animal Adoption center in Stanwood, Washington. Watch cats and kittens playing, eating and sleeping on this cam with streaming video.on

View Live Webcam: NOAH Animal Adoption Center Cat Cam