Cow Webcams

Cows are famous for their chewing behaviors. They can bite down on food up to 50 times in a single minute! That means their jaws make over 40,000 movements each day.

The primary stomach of a cow holds up to fifty gallons of partially digested food. Additional chewing is needed to process what was eaten. A cow can chew its cud for up to eight hours each day.

About six primary breeds of cattle are part of the American population, although dozens are found all over the world. Holsteins, Brown Swiss, Jersey, Ayrshire, Guernsey, and Milking Shorthorn varieties form a herd of 11 million strong.

Approximately 90% of the world’s milk supply comes from cows. A farmer with a milking machine can work with about 100 cattle per hour.

Cows can sleep while standing up. If you catch one getting some rest, it is possible to tip them over.

This page contains a nice collection of my favorite webcams of cows around the world. These cows live at various dairy and other farms. Watch them eating, grazing and being milked. Moo.

Cow Webcam

This is an excellent cow webcam located at a dairy farm somewhere out there. Watch cows in a barn eating hay or something. Streaming video and several cows are available for your viewing pleasure.

View Live Webcam: Cow Webcam

Marchlhof Cow Cam

This cam is located in Germany and gives you a live view of vows living in barn.

View Live Webcam: Marchlhof Cow Cam

Milking Robot Webcam

This webcam gives a live view of the milking robot at Lansmans Garden in Sweden. Watch cows being milked by a machine. Also see cows in the calf stable.

View Live Webcam: Milking Robot Webcam