MT Spokane Webcams

With so many natural sights to see and behold across the world, few places in the world can be quite so easy to love as Mount Spokane. Mt Spokane has become a major tourist attraction around the world, having once been known as Mount Baldy. Indeed, it’s also the location of the highest point in the county and makes it one of the tallest peaks in the whole of the inland northwest area. Mount Spokane is a truly special place, and you might wish to come and enjoy it from the Mount Spokane Ski and Snowboard Park.

This gives you an easy way to get enjoy a truly special location, a landmark of major local importance that is sure to have you coming back time and time again. If you can find it hard to make your way to this stunning location, though, you might wish to take a look at some of the various Mt Spokane webcams available today.

This location is home to some pretty special locations, the kind of places that your eyes would really need to see so that they can believe they are true. With that being the case, we recommend that you look at one of the many Mt Spokane webcams which are available today. At present, they include:

The Base Camera

The first camera that you might wish to check out on the Mt Spokane webcams is the base camera. This gives you a chance to look on from Lodge 2. This would mean looking directly up at the gorgeous Ego Flats, a truly spectacular piece of natural beauty.

You can also enjoy seeing the Two-Face and Chair 2 areas in the distance. This location is great for watching if you just want to see the genuine beauty of undisturbed nature.

View The Base Camera.

The Summit Camera

Another popular choice for most people would be to check out the camera which is aimed at the summit. The Summit Camera is sitting atop Chair 3, looking straight downhill towards Chair 3 and Upper Nastar. This creates a very impressive view that is often undisturbed, giving you a clear look at genuine and beautiful nature at its most creative and gorgeous.

For that reason, we recommend that you check a look at the Summit Camera. You might also find that it gives you a nice view of the passage to Rockslide, which helps to create even more visual grandeur.

View The Summit Camera.

The Snow Stake Camera

Another useful place to look at would be the Snow Stake, which is a particular camera placement towards the base of the whole area. It shows the 24hr amount of snow which has accumulated from 5PM-5PM on any given day. Each day, this is wiped clear so that it can start again. If you want to see just how intense the snow is over at Mt Spokane, then you would do well to check out this awesome camera image!

You will get to see a live takedown of the snow so that you know exactly how much snow has fallen in the last 24 hours.

View The Snow Stake Camera.