San Diego Traffic Cams

The city of San Diego California exists as one of the major cities within the Unites States of America found along the coast of the pacific Ocean in the southern regions of Los Angeles California adjoining the Mexican border.

Renown as the second largest city in California, San Diego boasts a fast growing population earning the region the rank of the eighth largest city located within the United States of America today and the birthplace of California.

The video link below shows a live broadcast from the Tom Ham’s Lighthouse downtown along the San Diego bay as well as the Bali Hai located on Shelter Island.

View Tom Ham’s Lighthouse webcam.

Facts about San Diego

  • The population of San Diego during 2012 was estimated at over 1.3 million.
  • San Diego is renown for its mid year-round climate, vast beaches, and a naturally created deep-water harbor allowing it a long term association with the United States Navy in addition to being recently recognized as a biotechnological and healthcare development hub.
  • San Diego now home to the Native American people of northeast Mexico and the extreme regions of the United States according to history was first visited by Portuguese native Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo in 1542 sailing under the Castile of Spain claiming the location in recognition of Spain as San Miguel.
  • The original inhabitants of San Diego however were known as the la Jolla and the San Dieguito people.
  • San Diego became a part of the Mexican state Alta California in 1821 when Mexico won its independence from Spain.
  • In 1850 the state of California was welcomed into the United States of America allowing San Diego to be recognized as a separate county and embodied as a city.

Downtown San Diego Cam

Via a live webcam on top of the Pink Palace located on 20th and Broadway facing a westward direction viewers are able to have a live view of the eastern section of downtown San Diego.

View downtown San Diego webcam.

Caltrans Traffic Cams

The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) operates over a thousand webcams overseeing a vast number of roadway segments across the state of California through still images and live stream video.

View Caltrans Traffic Cams webcam.

San Diego Del Mar Beach Cam

Located on the Pacific Ocean the propertied beach of Del Mar consists of a total area of 1.8 square miles is considered as one of the most desirable beaches in the world with its sub-tropical warm dry summers and gentle winters. Streaming from a high definition pan, zoom and flash cam viewers are able to watch a live broadcast checking out the surf 20th street via Camzone networks.

View San Diego Del Mar Beach webcam.

Hotel Del Coronado Webcam

Established over one hundred and twenty years ago, the Hotel del Coronado with its impressive style and elegance has been a spotlight of what a 5 star hotel should be featured in the video link below.

View Hotel Del Coronado Webcam.

The San Diego Sailing Cam

The San Diego Sailing Cam allows viewers a live broadcast featuring Shelter Island, the channel leading out towards the San Diego Bay, the Point Loma Yacht Club and Coronado

View The San Diego Sailing webcam.