Phoenix Traffic Cams

Phoenix Traffic Cams Live

A 2010 Census Bureau study estimated Phoenix population at 1,445,632 making it the largest city in the United States. Phoenix is also the six most populated in the nation, and is the number one most populated state capital in the United States. The city was incorporated in the year of 1881, twenty years after it was founded.

The video featured below is from a motorist as they commute through Phoenix congested highways. The motorist is shown as they travel at 16mph through the stop and go traffic. The freeways current system is comprised of routes I-17 and I-10 and a variety of highways such as SR 85 and SR 51.

Facts about Phoenix:

  • With a population of over 1.4 million Phoenix is rated as the 6th largest city in the United States.
  • Phoenix receives eighty five percent of sunshine during daylight hours. This is more sun shine than any other metropolitan area within the United States.
  • The Sonoran Desert which is located in greater Phoenix is considered to be North America’s greenest and wettest deserts. Annual rainfall is reported to range anywhere from three to fifteen inches.
  • There are a total of twenty two American Indian tribes located in Arizona
  • The country’s largest Kachina doll collection museum is located in Arizona. The Heard Museum artifacts include a large collection of American Indian historical pieces.

South Mountains Cam

The South Mountains is located in the southern area of Phoenix, Arizona. The mountain spreads throughout central Arizona and is on public land that is considered to be sacred. Located on the land is also South Mountain Park which is the United States largest city park. The park is also known as a popular urban park and one of the world’s largest urban parks. The Park was referred to as Phoenix Mountain Park and the Salt River Mountains until it was sold and expanded by the city of Phoenix.
The webcam link shows aerial footage from a camera located in the South Mountains in Arizona.

View South Mountains webcam.

ADot Cameras

ADot stands for the Arizona Department of Transportation were created in 1974 after the AZ Department of Aeronautics combined with the AZ Highway Department. The agency manages the state of Arizona highway system.  The agency responsibilities also include the management of the municipal airports the areas public transportation.

Four lanes of traffic can be seen traveling Southbound in the video footage below. On the far left traffic can also be seen traveling in the opposite lane.  ADOT was the first to use recycle scrap tires to add durability and decrease noise caused by motorist’s vehicles on the roads.

View ADot webcams.

Downtown Phoenix
Visitors and locals of Phoenix flock to the downtown area for its many features such as the area employment opportunities, skyscrapers, cultural and arts institutions. The downtown area is also famous for its prominent banking and finance regional headquarters such as Midfirst Bank, JP Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo US Bank, Compass Bank and Bank of America.

The link below is to a street cam located in the downtown area of Phoenix. Shown in the footage is intersection as well as a no parking sign, tall buildings and traffic lights. 7th Street thru 7th Avenue is considered as the downtown area as well as the surrounding area of Central Avenue and Washington Street.

View Downtown Phoenix webcam.

Salt River Bridge

The Salt River Bridge is located in Arizona was built originally in 1920. The bridge load-bearing superstructure was made of truss which is why it is defined as a truss bridge. As of 1996 the new Salt River Canyon Bridge (Apache Bridge) was constructed. The bridge overall length is 380 feet with a main span of 57 miles and has a concrete and steel arch. The bridge runs across the bottom or the Salt River Canyon.

The video below is of the Salt River Bridge. The Salt River is an Arizona stream that stretches approximately two hundred miles with an estimated 13,700 square mile drainage basin.

View Salt River Bridge webcam.

Camel Back Mountains

The Camelback Mountain which is located in Phoenix, Arizona has been compared to a head and hump of a kneeling camel which is where the mountain name was deprived. The Camelback Mountain is a well-known landmark in the area of the Phoenix Valley Arcadia neighborhood.

The webcam footage below is of aerial views from the Camel Back Mountains. Views of buildings, mountains, and sky conditions can be viewed in the footage. The recreation area is a popular attractions for those in the area to hike and rock climb.

Two strenuous hiking trials can be found in the area which ascends over 1,200 feet and a red sandstone rock formation referred to as the Praying Monk. Sitting approximately 30 miles the Praying Monk is used for rock climbing and has been said to remind people of a silhouette of a man that is kneeling in prayer.

View Camel Back Mountains webcam.