Detroit Traffic Cams

Founded by the French explorer Antoine Laumet de la Mothe, suit de Cadillac the city of Detroit today is recognized as the largest city on the United States-Canada border and most densely populated country within the United States of America.

Primarily a cultural and business transportation and financial center, the metropolitan area of the city of detroit has a current population if over 5.9 million people. The city of Detroit today is viewed as a central port along the Detroit river connecting the great Lakes to a system of canals, channels and locks known as the Saint Lawrence Seaway.

The video link below shows two lanes of traffic along the Interstate 275 in Detroit Michigan heading in opposite directions. Motorists observed closest to the live traffic webcam are traveling in a southernly direction whilst motorists further away are observed as traveling north

View Detroit Traffic webcam.

Facts about Detroit

  • The city of Detroit was named in recognition of the linking of the Detroit river by lake Huron and Lake Erie from the French word le detroit du lac Erie which when translated in English means the straight of Lake Erie. However it was not until the occupation by the British soldiers during the 1760 French and Indian war was the name shortened to Detroit.
  • With the founding of the Ford Motor Company in 1903 in addition to the accredited achievements of automotive pioneers such as the Dodge brothers, William C. Durant an Walter Chrysler, Detroit was globally established as the automotive capital of the world, however it was not until the completion of a regional freeway system between 1950 through to 1960 was the city of Detroit acknowledged as an important metropolitan district.
  • During the thirteen year period banning the manufacture, transportation and storage of alcohol and alcoholic beverages in the United States between1920 through to 1933 the Detroit River was transformed into a primary channel used for the transportation and sale of illegal Canadian liquor by the famed Purple Gang.
  • Detroit traditionally has been widely recognized as not only the automotive center of the world but also an ambassador for the automobile industry of the United States of America in addition to the heritage birthplace for a number of renowned musical legends earning it the popular nicknames of being referred to as “Motown” and the “Motor City”.
  • The population of Detroit between the year 2000 through to 2010 declined by approximately twenty-five percent allowing it to be ranked as the nation’s 18th largest city marking a sharp decline from a previous ranking of the 10th largest city within the United States of America.
  • Many of the freeways and roads in Detroit’s metropolitan district constitute the majority of the main highways within the zone traditionally referred to by name rather than their corresponding route. Others such as the Interstate 275 and Michigan highway are often refried to as I-275 and M-59.

The Eureka Road Watch Cam

The link below shows traffic flowing along Eureka Road off the Interstate 275 Michigan (I-275) which functions as a western bypass to the Detroit metropolitan area.

View Eureka Road Watch webcam.

The Detroit River Watch Webcam

The Dossin Great Lakes Museum provides an extraordinary service to the naval population via the Detroit River Webcam allowing viewers a live broadcast of sailboats, motorboats and ocean freighters sailing along the river.

View The Detroit River Watch Webcam.