Sea Turtle Webcams

Sea Turtle Webcams

Every species of sea turtle is currently on the endangered or threatened list. One of the reasons for this issue involves how they lay eggs. Instead of having their hatchlings in the water, the young ones must navigate a beach to reach the safety of the water. That means about 0.10% make it to adulthood.

Marine turtles look like their land-based counterparts with one notable exception: instead of legs, they have flippers.

The temperature of the nest helps to determine the gender of sea turtles. Although these animals don’t have a go-to food they all eat, most species prefer to consume jellyfish if available. Loggerheads like crustaceans, hawksbills pursue sea sponges, and others eat grass.

Some sea turtles migrate thousands of miles each year. Hawksbills take a different approach, rarely deciding to leave their tropical waters.

Scientists estimate that sea turtles have been on the planet for over 100 million years, even surviving when the dinosaurs went extinct.

Watch Sea Turtles on live webcams located at aquariums and rehabilitation centers around the world. Some sea turtle cams are also located in their natural habitat.

Sea Turtle Cam at Loggerhead Marinelife Center

This Sea Turtle cam is located at the Loggerhead Marinelife center in Juno Beach, Florida. Watch sea turtles swimming around in a tank as they are rehabilitated. Webcam updates every second.

View Live Webcam: Sea Turtle Cam at Loggerhead Marinelife Center

Sea Turtle Inc Webcam

This Sea Turtle webcam is brought to you by and Sea Turtle Inc. in South Padre Island, Texas. This is a shelter for turtles to stay at as they are healed from injuries and help increase sea turtle population. On this cam you can watch Allison an Atlantic Green Sea Turtle. You must refresh browser to see latest image.

View Live Webcam: Sea Turtle Inc Webcam

The Turtle Hospital Live Cam

Live webcam gives you an awesome view of Sea Turtles swimming around in an enclosure at the Turtle Hospital in Marathon, Florida. Streaming video.

View Live Webcam: The Turtle Hospital Live Cam

Tarta Club Italia Sea Turtle Webcam

This sea turtle webcam is located at the Tarta Recovery Center Club in Italy and is gives you a live look at the sea turtles that are healing from wounds inflicted while in the wild. Webcam updates every three seconds and at night the turtles are asleep.

View Live Webcam: Tarta Club Italia Sea Turtle Webcam

Sea Turtle Hospital Webcam

This sea turtle cam is located at the Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Center in Topsail Beach, North Carolina. Watch sea turtles that are undergoing treatment in captivity. You may need to view this using Windows and Java for it to work.

View Live Webcam: Sea Turtle Hospital Webcam