Platypus Webcams

The platypus is often described as being the most unusual animal on our planet today. It is native to eastern Australia, but you wouldn’t want to meet one in the wild. Did you know that the males are venomous? Although getting scraped y an ankle spur doesn’t kill humans, it still doesn’t feel good!

These animals are one of the few mammals that also lay eggs. We still don’t know much about the lifecycle of this species, except that the females do almost all of the work.

The milk from a platypus is very unique. Because the animal doesn’t have a sterile delivery system, it uses natural protections from its evolutionary cycle to eliminate bacteria. It contains a specific protein structure that could provide updated therapies that could help us to fight drug resistance problems in medicine.

Most mammals have a single chromosome pair that determines gender. A platypus has five times that number. Some of them even share characteristics with sequences found in birds.

Here you can see the very unusual animal called a Platypus on these live webcams usually located in Australia. Platypus cams are very rare, so be sure to watch them while they are online!

Platypus Web Camera

I am very pleased to announce the discovery of a LIVE Platypus Webcam! There are not too many of these in the world, and in fact this may be the only one, but will keep looking. Watch Platypus swimming and feeding in this aquarium located at Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary in Australia. Webcam has streaming video.

View Live Webcam: Platypus Web Camera