Horse Webcams

Horses have been the companions of humans throughout almost all of our documented history. This also means there are very few wild horses that are left in the world today. Only one species, the Przewalski horse, is considered to be truly wild.

There are herds of horses in the wild in the United States, but because they are the descendants of escaped or abandoned animals, the government classifies them as feral animals instead.

Interesting Facts About Horses

#1. Horses can sleep in almost any position. This includes standing up.

#2. The eyes of a horse are very unique for a land mammal. Because their eyes are located on the side of the head, a horse can see 360 degrees at a time. They also have one of the largest eyes for mammals that live on land as well. This allows them to be able to see very well at night, but it does take extra time for the eyes of a horse to adjust to sudden light changes.

#3. Horses are extremely mobile right away after birth. It only takes a couple of hours for a newborn to be able to run.

#4. As a herd, horses will never all lie down at the same time. This instinct is a remnant of the times when horses were wild and needed to guard against potential threats.

#5. Horses are emotionally adaptive as creatures, often understanding what humans or other animals need before a command is given. This is also reflected in their language with one another. Different sounds are used when greeting or leaving, while snorts are often used to communicate a potential danger.

#6. The horse industry has a power effect on the global economy. In the United States alone, nearly 9 million horses are able to generate about $40 billion in revenues every year.

#7. Since the invention of the automobile, the horse population around the world has grown dramatically. In 1900, there were an estimated 8 million horses. As of today, it is believed that there are more than 60 million horses, with more than 95% of them owned and cared for by humanity.

#8. Horses are often separated by breed, but there are also “color breeds” that offer registries as well. Color breeds focus on one specific rare color, such as Palomino. This allows the owner of a horse to potentially register their animal into two registries.

#9. There are strict breeding restrictions for many breeds of horses. Some stallions may not even be allowed to breed because they do not meet enough of the breed standards.

Live Horse Cams

Unlike other animals, it is rare to see a horse exhibit in a zoological garden. Most webcams for horses are owned by private farms and stables. These are the best that are currently streaming.

View Freeland Gypsy Horse Cam.

View Saddlebrook Appaloosas: Horse Cam.

Watching horses interact as a herd in their natural habitat is a very different experience from watching domesticated horses. This is a herd that lives near the Salt River in the State of Arizona in the US.

Neighbay Horse Webcam

See horses on this live webcam with streaming video. Horses located in a barn at True Colors Farm in Canada.

View Live Webcam: Neighbay Horse Webcam